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We can ensure adherence to the highest standards of quality thanks to the use of latest technologies and a fully integrated work flow.


Three 8-colour printing machines, 70x100cm format, and a full cycle bindery will meet your needs in the shortest possible time.


Cutting edge technology, integrated flows and fast production processes allow us to offer the best prices on the market.


Thanks to 6,000 sqm of production facilities and our own vehicles we can provide a complete service, from file arrival to delivery of the finished product.

Simplicity and technology

Established over fifty years ago and following a stable and gradual growth,
while still remaining in the hands of the founding family,
Litotipografia Alcione srl is now one of the most important Trentino Alto Adige companies in this sector.

Our product

Small format

Your advertising always at hand with flyers, posters and leaflets

Stapled binding

Stapled binding is an ideal product for handy, high quality brochures.


Your books can be bound with milled or stitched paperback, with or without flaps.


We offer a wide range of hardbacks: square or round spine, and Dutch style binding.

Our sales team

Michele Pomilio

+39 0461 1732033

Flavio Menegatti

+39 0461 1732035

Lorenzo Chini

+39 0461 1732027

Egon Stampfer

340 4907099

Our company records since the beginning of the year

In order to provide a concrete and direct presence on the territory we work together with Agentur Dalvit, who deals with our clients in Germany and Austria.


Litotipografia alcione srl has been implementing for quite some time a policy of constant improvement of its quality standards, as well as attention to the environment and the reduction of environmental impact.
The new “critical and educated” customers represent an increasingly significant share of the market and it is essential to be able to approach them with the best available tools.
For this reason, litotipografia alcione srl has decided to offer a wide choice of articles for eco-friendly promotional printing, developed from recycled raw materials with low environmental impact. In particular, we use blauer engel and white swan paper.
With a view to constant improvement of its environmental standards and greater guarantees for its products, litotipografia alcione srl has decided to obtain the pefc™ and fsc® chain of custody certifications for its products and strives daily to maintain them, complying with the principles and provisions set by the pefc™ and fsc® standards and their regular modifications.


LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. has decided to offer its customers the possibility of ordering graphic-editorial prints made from FSC materials and to implement and maintain an FSC chain of custody management system.

To this end, the company’s commitment is focused on:

  • checking the certifications of purchased raw materials and of their suppliers;
  • training staff directly involved in the Chain of Custody System and, in particular, staff involved in dealing with supplies;
  • suspending the sale of FSC labelled products if they should not comply with the requirements of standards applicable to the company as laid down in the FSC Manual;
  • using the FSC logo only in association with products having the minimum characteristics required by the FSC standard.

LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. also declares, under its own responsibility, not to be involved in the following:

  • illegal cutting or trade of forest products;
  • actions that involve the violation of peoples’ traditions and rights in relation to forestry activities;
  • actions that may cause the destruction of environments of high conservation value in relation to forestry activities;
  • conversion of significant natural forest areas into plantations;
  • introduction of genetically modified organisms into the environment;
  • actions that lead to violating the provisions laid down by ILO (International Labour Organisation) and the 1998 “Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work”.

The management of LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. has designated as person in charge of implementing this policy an FSC Chain of Custody Officer.

The management of LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. also keeps the signed original of the document “FSC Policy – Self Declaration regarding FSC-POL-01-004 (Policy for the Association of Organizations with FSC).

LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. aims at consolidating and developing its market share by adopting a policy that combines business needs with environmental and social ones. In managing its activities, LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. conforms to economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives, oriented to the protection of human rights, of employment and safety, and to the principles of transparency and fairness.

The main goals LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. intends to pursue and the principles according to which the company operates are:

  • commitment to a constant compliance with national, international and local regulations on the quality of the service provided, on environmental protection and workers safety and hygiene;
  • commitment to reduce any negative impact on the environment and the pollution caused by its activities/products/services;
  • commitment to a continuous performance improvement by setting goals and targets measurable over time;
  • proactive involvement of the whole staff in implementing and improving the management system for quality, environment, safety and ethics;
  • commitment to improve working conditions in order to prevent risks and injuries to workers;
  • services advertising and promotion of an open dialogue with all stakeholders (public authorities, citizens, suppliers, customers, etc.) to communicate its commitments in terms of environmental policy, quality, safety, ethics;
  • encouraging suppliers and subsuppliers to comply with regulations on safety, environment, ethics and quality;
  • being able to identify customers needs and translate them into standards of service that can satisfy them;
  • monitoring the adequacy, effectiveness and adherence to the Company Management System with periodical inspections and checks.

Moreover, LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. endorses the following points and is committed to:

  • guarantee the workers freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • prohibit the use of forced labour;
  • ensure a minimum age of recruited employees/workers;
  • ensure fair working conditions that include selection process and career, division and termination of labour.

In line with a constant improvement of its environmental standards and greater guarantees for its products, LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. has decided to obtain the PEFC chain of custody certification and is committed daily to maintain it, complying with the principles and provisions laid down by the current standard. All products marketed and distributed by LITOTIPOGRAFIA ALCIONE S.R.L. with a PEFC label do not contain virgin timber from uncontrolled sources.


Litotipografia Alcione Srl actively collaborates with ClimatePartner for the protection of global climate through the following measures:
• Drafting of the company’s CO2 balance
• Calculation of the reduction potential
• Calculation of the CO2 impact of printing products
• Upon customer request: offer of climate neutral printing products


Lithotypography Alcione Srl is a consumer of electricity from renewable sources and contributes to the development and adoption of sustainable behavior for its business.
Thanks to its choice to consume renewable, sustainable and EKOenergy certified, it promotes the abatement of CO2 in the atmosphere and the reduction of its environmental impact.